Bluedot Festival 2017, Jodrell Bank

The second annual Bluedot Festival took place in Macclesfield this July. We collaborated with Japanese artist, Diato Manabe & Abandon Normal Devices to create an interactive projection experience.

Promoters, Ben Robinson commissioned Abandon Normal Devices to curate the artwork for this year’s telescope installation. Arts organisation AND, work with artists who challenge the ideas of normality and repurpose technology in a creative way. The central idea behind ‘Cosmos’ was the interaction with the academic facilities at Jodrell bank – collecting scientific data from the telescope to inform the visual experience. The ‘Cosmos’ commission was awarded to mathematician and programmer, Diato Manabe.

Manabe spent time with the scientists at Jodrell bank looking at pulsar data, which is essentially cosmic background microwave radiation – the ghost from the big bang. His company Rising Maniacs, is a research company that works across technology and innovation, the art is in the coding. Diato builds his own software and devices to push the boundaries of what’s possible with the technology available to him. In this instance, he used the pulsar data to inform the audio and visual experience.

Daito created an application where members of the public could, via an interface in front of the projection control area, dial into the radio frequency the telescope was listening to. Managing the technical programming and projection, we developed custom Notch modules and exposed parameters that could be controlled through the app. This was then translated into the visual imagery that was projected onto the telescope via Notch.






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