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You might not know this, but we’ve been crafting content for some of the most prestigious shows in the UK. As well as being able to provide a full production and design service, we can work with you to create meaningful content, giving your audience the gift of sound and vision.

We have a wealth of experience working within different formats, including live camera and animation.  We love being challenged to deliver creative briefs, and can provide more than just expert advice….we can help you with –

  • Art Direction
  • Animation
  • Technical Authoring
  • Editing
  • Filming
  • Full video production service
  • Awards Graphics and TV

Check out some of our projects below.


In 2015, The Creators Project hosted an unusual video; a performer encased in what appeared to be a translucent box, with projections on the outside moving in sync with the artists’ movement and dance.

Working with production company Princess TV, Bluman Associates were brought on board to work on the creative 3D visual animations and recreate ‘The Box’ for the band to perform in for their much anticipated, MTV Unplugged Performance.

Creating a bespoke screen using voile, the fabric was light enough to be projected onto, while allowing enough transparency to ensure the performance could be seen and filmed. The team used a combination of live projection, projection mapping and broadcast techniques to complete the project, The result was as sophisticated, as it was beautiful: a true visual delight.

By using existing technology in a new way, Bluman Associates were able actualise the artists vision and create a bespoke projection design and experience that the band could engage with during their live performance.

To use the fabric surface, the team had to create original content to fit the ‘Box’ exactly, the entire performance space had to be pre-visualised and all of the bands original artwork needed to be treated to conform to the custom screen.

The artwork Bluman Associates created was used for the album cover and website. The end result was a complete success with the DVD receiving critical acclaim. The projection and performance translated to camera/film as well as it resonated with the live audience.


Celebrating the creative talent of architectural lighting designers, the LD Awards are held each year at Grosvenor House.  We were bought on board to provide Art and Creative direction, as well as producing content for the opening sequence, which was an interactive projection mapped show.

The content we created was based around components lighting designers used in their work, or more accurately, elements and lighting fixtures that they could not use – which created just the right amount of humor and irony, while creating an elegant, stylish introduction to the awards.

As well as designing the projection mapping and content, we created all of the award presentations, provided complete event production, procurement and staffing.

Check out the projection mapping here –


Bluman Associates collaborated with West Design and Production to produce a sophisticated visual experience for the red carpet, enticing both guests and viewers, while representing both BAFTA and its headline sponsor EE.

Produced by Lucy Smail, the EE British Academy Film Awards is one of the most prestigious international events in the British calendar. Broadcast globally, the design had to balance between being both beautiful, and corporate.

The red carpet included 17, lightweight, translucent screens, strategically placed in front of the venue. Using pre-visualisation software After Effects and Cinema 4D, the content was created to be viewed from specific angles, yet still worked in abstract. The use of this tool was important for both the perspective mapping design, and the client, who was able to view and approve the branding after seeing the end results in action.

Also challenging were the restrictions that had to be adhered to, working with a predominant brand like EE. There are very specific parameters around the use of their logo and what Bluman was able to do to turn the visuals from a static logo, to something subtle, stylish and worthy of the red carpet. Unable to use the logo in multiple iterations, Bluman had to get creative with focus and movement.

The iconic BAFTA mask was also used in the content. This time playing with movement and scale, the team created an ambient animation of the high definition mask traversing the 3D space, across the 17 screens. The result was coherent and dignified, and in keeping with the nature of the event.

Check out the video here –



Appointed by NIBBS Events, Bluman Associates provided video production and content for the worldwide premiere of Spectre.  Working with a complicated design of 15 angled LED screens – with seven column displays on each side of the red carpet, the animation had to be created according to very specific viewing angles. The original project was designed in 2D, which lead to several design complications.

To overcome these complications, Bluman Associates visualized the entire project in 3D, ensuring the design would create a dramatic entrance to the venue.

Working with a brand like Bond can have its challenges, with difficult sign off procedures, the artwork wasn’t approved until the dress rehearsal the night before. However, it’s always an honor to work on these events, and you expect a level of difficulty as everyone involved is doing their best to ensure everything is runs as smoothly as possible.

The premiere was a huge success, with coverage world-wide, and a simultaneous release to cinemas across the UK.



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