MCM & Christopher Raeburn, Fashion Week, London

Held in the Great Connaught Rooms for ultra cool fashion event, London Collections, the new clothing and accessories range, launched by designers by MCM and Christopher Raeburn was showcased inside an innovative projection design.

Produced by My Beautiful City, the show veered away from your everyday catwalk, with the circular performance space encased in a translucent screen. Visuals were designed by digital creative agency Universal Everything, we were appointed to build the 360 degree projection design and architecture, ensuring the visual experience would resonate with the diverse crowd.

Production managing the central show was producer Ulla Winkler, whose role was to balance the unique mixture of stage production and art direction. Creating an immersive performance space, the circular stage was surrounded by guest seating, and models entered the stage via a break within the voile projection screen, parading the collection behind the contemporary visuals, designed to match each ‘look’ in the show.

Creating more of an art installation, than a traditional fashion show, we along with producer Ulla, had to support the process to develop the two dimensional content into the three dimensional world of experiential events.

The immersive event was not limited to a three dimensional visual experience. The soundtrack was composed by London based duo Raime, who recently released their new album ‘Blackest Ever Black’. Renowned sound designer Simon Pyke, from Freefarm mixed the audio and designed the sound so it traveled through and around the space, creating an immersive listening experience as well.