Global Sports Brand, New York

One of the World’s best-known brands, hosted an immersive brand experience for Press and VIP’s at Moynihan’s Station New York.

Known for their brand innovation, and this event was no exception. Guests were ushered into Moniyhan Station to receive keynote speeches from Kevin Hart and Mark Parker. The room featured 3 x Barco 40k projectors and lenses, and an impressive 269 panels of 3mm Full HD LED screen – rigged in a 5 degree curve, providing an exciting backdrop for the speeches, before the full experience pavilion was revealed.

With 11 different experience zones, guests were divided into groups and taken through each of the areas that illustrated a different innovation, strength or quality of the brand’s range. The ‘Motion’ pavilion was particularly impressive, with 360 Barco c5 LED Panels rigged overheard, the design created an interactive ceiling display, run by D3 Catalyst V5.