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We have always been prepared to be the first to do things. Paving the way for new ways of working is what we do best. We are proud to be adding a new string to our bow, a new ingredient to our recipe.

The future

We believe generative content is the future of show design. Rendering in real time for a show that responds to its environment has expanded what’s possible – real time interactivity.

Which is why we’ve made our disguise gx series media server racks available for long and short-term hire. Complete with Notch real time software and playback licenses –our racks pack a powerful punch, with technology that is trusted by the world’s biggest artists, brands and events.


We have solos, VX4 and both the gx1 and gx2c range available for hire. Units can be rented individually or fully flight cased in a 24RU Rack, with Notch Builder & Notch Playback.


The first GPU workhorse for Notch’s original integration into Disguise

Video Output – 1 x 4k Output (or)

4 x HD Output (VFC dependant)

Video input – 3 x HD sources at 60fps


Notch playback machine of choice in most scenarios

Video Output – 2 x 4k Outputs (or)

8 x HD Output (VFC dependant)

10 bit and HDR support

Video input – two 4k sources at 60fps (or)

eight 3G-SDI sources at 60fps (1080p @ 60fps)



Perfect for large scale video routing and/or Uncompressed 10-bit playback

Video output – 4 x 4k outputs (or)16 x HD outputs

10 bit and HDR supported

Video input – 4 x 4k sources at 60fps (or)16 x HD sources at 60fps


Jack of all trades for small scale shows

Video Output – 2 x 4k Outputs

Video input – 3 x HD sources at 60fps


As a boutique disguise studio, we have an innate understanding of what visual creators need. Our racks are skilfully prepped by an in house team, who will support you throughout your hire. We understand the importance and value of a solution that will integrate seamlessly with your event. To discuss capabilities and technical specifications please get in touch today.


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