Bluman Associates


Explore the amazing possibilities of our new lighting technology at your outdoor event.
GPS-enabled, lightweight and sustainable, our newly-developed Geolights are a technological marvel.

Game-changing technology allowed us to create unforgettable visions in light for our epic Green Space Dark Skies project – and the same technology is now available for outdoor events around the UK and beyond.

Our special low-impact Geolights are the key that unlocked the live artworks we created together across mountains, lakes and moorland. Each Geolight is equipped with GPS technology that can be tracked with centimetre-level accuracy, which meant our Green Space Dark Skies creative team could remotely change their colour and brightness. As dusk fell, our participants – ‘Lumenators’ – each became single pixels in a dynamic and ever-changing picture.

A brighter future

Portable, sustainable, versatile and almost entirely recyclable, the Geolights were developed for us by Siemens graduate engineers Annabel Ohene and Nathaniel Fernandes, alongside engineering interns Sam Rhodes and Sam Newton. They defined Green Space Dark Skies – and they now look set to light up events across the UK in the years to come.

Light up your event with us

We have no fewer than 1,700 Geolights available to hire. Using the latest in outdoor lighting technology, these Geolights can make bespoke light patterns, with remote operations changing their colour, gradient and shape. Our creative team can work with you to shape an event that both engages and amazes your audiences.

As well as providing both the Geolights and valuable technological support, we can also offer insights into how you could go about recruiting participants from diverse backgrounds and engaging new audiences to carry our Geolights – informed by our experiences on Green Space Dark Skies.