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Britain. February. You’ve finally overcome the festive season and it feels as though the new year has actually begun. Temperatures continue to drop, but the cool, crisp air and (sometimes) clear, sun drenched skies remind us of the imminent spring, inspiring a long overdue spark of hope and excitement for the summer that is yet to come.

It also happens to be the month we celebrate the best of British talent in film, television and music. Our BAFTA and BRIT Awards ceremonies host the best homegrown and international stars. Earlier in the month, The Reverent, staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, swept up 5 awards, including Best Film.

We were lucky to be part of the BAFTA Awards, working with West Design & Production to produce a visual experience worthy of the red carpet. Our challenge was to create a technical and content design to satisfy both the organisers, and headline sponsor EE. An exciting way to start the new year.

Working on the creative with producer, Lucy Smail, we utilised 3-D pre-visualisation technology, enabling us to create and perspective map the animated content over 17 screens. The event was beautifully executed, with a highly skilled team working diligently to do Britain proud. We’re not going to lie, It’s always an honor to watch your ideas turn into reality on global television.

And who can forget the heartwarming tribute to David Bowie at this year’s Brits. There are so many talented acts to celebrate, especially with Adele back on the scene with her new album 25. What an achievement for her to have set a new record for album sales in the US.


It wasn’t that bad after all.


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